Sanatorium Specialization

 “Plissa” sanatorium-and-spa resort offers three programs for your comfortable vacation and effective treatment:

  • GENERAL SANATORY PROGRAM (starting from 11 days residence period) includes accommodation, meal service, aquazone, Terrainkur and mineral drinking water.  All of the treatment procedures included in the program are performed on a paid basis and in the absence of counter-indications based on the results of examinations or sanatorium records, Rx only.
    • Musculoskeletal system disorders treatment (starting from 9 days residence period)
    • Female reproductive system disorders treatment (starting from 7 days residence period)

the treatment programs are based on the “all inclusive” principle and use of local healing natural sources in combination with the latest physiotherapy equipment and medical personnel professionalism.

The developed method of treatment procedures administration within the framework of the main programs has a concomitant positive effect on the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems.

Attention! When it comes to all of the individual procedures prescribed to each client by a doctor, the treatment provided by the acquirable “all inclusive” program is performed with due regard to every client’s medical status and the examination results obtained, with a proof load of 5-6 main treatment procedures per day.

The “all inclusive” treatment approach is not a standard in other sanatorium institutions and is a unique option provided by the “Plissa” sanatorium-and-spa resort.



“Plissa” subterranean mineral drinking water. Well №206/02 at a depth of 326 m is the only low mineralization mineral water source in Belarus. According to geochemical appearance, it is chloride-sulphate calcium-sodium mineral drinking water (mineralization - 3,3 g/dm3). Based on the existing regulatory documents governing the balneotherapeutic use of mineral waters in Belarus, the following disorders are among the indications for the drinking use of this water as a table beverage (taken systematically, as prescribed by the doctor): chronic gastritis, chronic colitis and enterocolitis, chronic liver and biliary passages disorders, chronic pancreatitis, metabolic diseases and chronic diseases of the urinary tract.

“Plissa” subterranean balneological mineral water. The well №205/0215 at a depth of 572 m is the source of sodium chloride type of water with high concentrations of sulphate and calcium. One of the important geochemical characteristics of this balneological water is the presence of a significant amount of bromine (Вr-104.8 mg/dm3). This allows it to be categorized as bromine mineral water. These aspects raise the balneological value of the water significantly. At a 1.7-1.8 times dilution, the “Plissa” balneological mineral water is extremely close to the mineral waters of “Staraya Russa” and “Palanga” resorts, and at a 4 times dilution it’s chemical makeup is close to the waters of “Druskininkai” and “Birstonas” resorts in the Lithuanian Republic. Based on the chemical makeup of “Plissa” water and the existing regulatory documents of the Republic of Belarus, the following disorders form indications for the external use of this mineral water: diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system disorders, respiratory, circulatory, urological, gynecological and skin diseases.

According to ТУ BY 100011299.001-2013 “Plissa” sapropelic therapeutic mud is produced at the Eastern part of the “Plissa” lake, at a depth of 6-8 meters. Based on the clinical trials of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, the Instruction on its therapeutic use was approved, dated June 13, 2013. “Plissa” sapropelic therapeutic mud belongs to biologically active fossils due to the adsorption properties of it’s mineral part, the presence of hydrogen sulphide and ferric sulphide. Organic compounds are represented by humic substances, liquid bitumens, fatty acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamin-enzymes, antiseptic fungi, hormones and antibiotic-like substances. The balneological value is determined by the activity of enzymes. The biological activity of the mud is linked to the antioxidant background of fat-soluble antioxidants of phenolic nature that bind active free radicals. The therapeutic value is associated with the presence of optimal conditions for the mud microbiota cultivation. A unique combination of the aforementioned qualities of the sapropelic mud, the gas factor along with the thermal effect has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and absorbing effects and metabolic processes enhancement. It also has a multifaceted effect on the basic functions and vital systems of the human body, such as breathing, blood circulation, metabolism and excretion. The exposure of the human immune system to the mud helps activate body defenses, which promotes persistent recovery. Indications for use: musculoskeletal system disorders (arthritis, polyarthritis, injuries and fractures rehabilitation, myositis, bursitis, osteomyelitis, scoliosis); peripheral nervous system disorders (neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis, radiculitis); gynecological diseases (chronic inflammatory processes, functional sterility, ovarian dysfunction); diseases of male reproductive organs (infertility, orchitis, prostatitis, epididymitis, erectile dysfunction); bronchopulmonary system disorders, frequent colds, skin diseases.