New procedure available - carboxytherapy

We are happy to announce that “Plissa” health resort now has the opportunity to effectively help people suffering from joint pains caused by arthritis, osteochondrosis, migraine headaches and weather sensitivity thanks to a modern, safe and internationally recognized technique called “carboxytherapy”.

What is this technique like?

Carboxytherapy involves microinjections of carbon dioxide with a special device into the spasmodic muscles along the spinal area and around the affected joints in order to relieve pain. The doctor determines the necessary microinjection points depending on the source of the pain and the patient's physical characteristics.

How does it work?

The body treats the CO2 dose injection as hypoxia (lack of oxygen in red blood cells, lack of nutrients), which causes the body to work in accelerated mode. Small capillaries expand rapidly, and blood, enriched with oxygen and nutrients, rushes to the place of CO2 injection. Thanks to the influx of blood through the enlarged vessels, the anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect is achieved; it also enhances the body resistance to harmful factors; a chain of biochemical processes is launched, which helps to regulate the metabolism.

Indications for gas injections:

  • the effect is reflexive, it moves from the skin and subcutaneous layers to the internal organ systems (cutivisceral reflex)
  • the injection is performed into a tender spot (hyperalgesic zones) located in the spinal and joints areas, as well as into the cicatrical tissue zone and places where skin sensitivity drift or poor circulation takes place.
  • the technique shows outstanding results in the treatment of degenerative joint and spinal column diseases, rheumatological and orthopedic disorders.
  • devascularization, vasoneurosis (Raynaud syndrome)
  • ischemic disorders of the lower extremities
  • headaches, migraine
  • rehabilitation after a stroke
  • rehabilitation after an injury